Artisanal and local manufacturing


Artisanal and local manufacturing

All our jewelry is created in an artisanal manner in our workshops in Lyon, France, using the lost wax process, an age-old know-how.

Each of our works is entirely hand-sculpted and to scale in a specific wax by our creator Chrystelle Desmurger, graduated with honors from the prestigious Émile Cohl school.

No 3D printer is used, which allows us to transcribe every detail, even the most minute, with unique authenticity.

Thanks to our art foundry with more than a century of know-how, a casting is then created from the first wax model, allowing us to then obtain the creation in the desired materials, mainly 18 carat gold and 925 silver.

Meticulous hand finishing work completes the jewelry by our team of qualified jewelry artisans.

All of our creations are stamped with our Master Jeweler hallmark and the guarantee hallmark certifying the quality of the alloy used.

Our workshops are exclusively located in Lyon, France and certified by one, several, or all of the labels “Responsible Jewelery Council”, “Chain of Custody”, “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, “ISO 9001”, “ISO 14001 ".


Our workshops are exclusively French and certified by various labels respecting an ethical and environmental approach. precious metals, our values.

100% of the Gold we use is responsible, either recycled or from certified mines.

Our alloys are Responsible Jewelry Council , Code of Practices and Chain of Custody certified, which ensures traceability from responsible subsidiaries.

These certifications cover the jewelry supply chain from mine to storefront and demonstrate commitment to respecting human rights, labor, the environment, mining practices, an ethical approach, social responsibility and the fight against corruption.

The grades of alloys we use are 18 carat white, yellow or pink gold, i.e. 750/1000, and 925/1000 for silver.

We also offer yellow or pink vermeil. Vermeil is a gold-plated silver alloy that we mainly offer in 10 or 20 microns (plated thickness), which gives exceptional quality as well as very long longevity.

These commitments demonstrate our desire to control the traceability of metal and we are certain that you will find yourself in these values ​​​​held by our House.



We work in close collaboration with our lapidaries and diamond dealers on a wide choice of precious stones of rare and exceptional quality, selected one by one while ensuring provenance outside a conflict zone.

For colored stones, these same labels do not yet exist, however, our partners have been selected for their seriousness and ensure ethical sourcing.

Hand-cut in sustainable, responsible manufacturing workshops, valuing humans and our planet, each gem is carefully selected for its qualities, dimensions, colors and shine by us in order to be in perfect harmony with the creation made.

Respecting the Kimberley Process for diamonds, of minimum GVS1 quality and clarity at DIF, they are certified by the independent laboratories of the GIA (American) or the HRD (Antwerp) as soon as they exceed 0.3 carat.

Each natural stone is unique in its character, size and tones.

All of our precious stones come from legitimate sources not involved in the financing of armed conflicts and in compliance with United Nations resolutions.

Our gems are exclusively of natural origin.



We offer the possibility of personalizing or creating your piece of jewelry from scratch in our jewelry workshops in Lyon such as wedding rings, engagement rings, custom creation or even transformation from old jewelry(s). .

You can choose the materials such as gold, silver or vermeil, but also the stones you wish to set.

For more information or if you would like a tailor-made order, please contact us via our form by clicking here: tailor-made .

Regarding deadlines, 6 to 8 weeks are necessary to create a fully personalized and tailor-made project.

Due to the limitations of natural materials, some restrictions may apply.