All our jewelry is created in an artisanal manner in our workshops in Lyon , France , using the lost wax process, an ancestral know-how .

Each piece is entirely hand-sculpted and to scale in a specific wax by our creator Chrystelle Desmurger , graduated with honors from the prestigious Émile Cohl school .

We do not use any 3D, which allows us to reproduce every detail, even the finest, with unique authenticity.

Thanks to our art foundry , which has more than a century of know-how, a mold is then created from the first wax model, thus allowing us to make the creation in the desired materials, mainly 18 carat gold. and 925 silver.

The shop

In perfect harmony with our artistic and sculptural vision of jewelry thanks to exceptional materials and a tailor-made design, we invite you to discover our two settings in order to offer you a unique experience.

Our history

Founded in the heart of Old Lyon, at 8 rue de la Bombarde, in 2011 and initially as an artistic studio under the name “NUAN-C”, it was in 2015 that The Black Alchemy was officially born thanks to our first years of enriching experiences of knowledge and know-how.

We wanted to share through this new identity our sculptural vision of jewelry where the intelligence of the hand takes on its full meaning thanks to this singular mastery of design.

With the greatest respect for jewelry craftsmanship, our works are exclusively carefully crafted in our workshops in France, in Lyon more precisely, using traditional techniques and know-how.