Size guide

In order to choose your ring, we suggest you print the ring sizer below at 100% scale.

Save the image by right-clicking on it.

The number written in the center of the circles indicates the circumference, our French sizes.
Each indication in millimeters corresponds to the internal diameter of the ring.

To determine your size, use a wedding ring that suits you and find the corresponding size on this ring sizer.

In order for it to be perfect, the circle drawn on the ring sizer must be adjacent and visible inside the ring.

If you have any hesitation, we invite you to contact us.

There is in fact a difference in size between a thin or wide ring and the sizing possibilities are sometimes difficult depending on the alloy and the gems.

We also recommend that you confirm your measurements in store, as this is the most accurate way to know your size.

Sizing is possible on certain rings, depending on the model, material or setting.

Please feel free to contact us so we can let you know whether or not the ring you want can be adjusted.